Preceptor Toolkit

Preceptor Toolkit

The CPCHP Preceptor Toolkit was developed to provide a comprehensive set of resources for preceptors at North Country HealthCare. While these were developed specifically for NCHC preceptors, it is clear that these resources could be beneficial to other preceptors working with similar students. Please contact the Colorado Plateau Center for Health Professions if you would like hard copies of these resources, or would like additional information.

One Minute Preceptor Card - Each Preceptor receives a laminated copy to carry
Student Orientation Checklist (student completes)
Student Orientation Checklist is completed by the students during their onboarding, to ensure all part of rotation are correctly completed.
Clinical Training Workflow is used by clinicians.

The Why Are We a Teaching Health Center is meant for our internal North Country HealthCare clinician staff and support staff, to educate on the purpose behind working so closely with students.

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