North Country HealthCare

North Country HealthCare

At the Colorado Plateau Center for Health Professions, we are proud to be embedded within North Country HealthCare, the primary community health center in northern Arizona. North Country HealthCare is a Teaching Health Center supporting every step of the health career pathway for future doctors, nurses, and other health professionals.

In 1991, a small group of doctors and nurses, health and human service representatives and consumers worked together to establish the Flagstaff Community Free Clinic. In 1996, the clinic transitioned from a volunteer organization into a state and federally funded community health center. Today, North Country HealthCare serves 12 communities across northern Arizona, providing quality medical care to all while building healthier communities.

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To learn more about cultural competency at North Country HealthCare, you can view the report by clicking the links below.


What does North Country strive for?

To create healthier communities by serving as the primary care provider of choice and ensuring no person is without access to primary care.


Why does North Country exist?

To provide affordable, accessible, quality primary care in an atmosphere of dignity and respect where the health and well-being of patients and community are promoted through direct services, education, outreach, and advocacy.


What does North Country believe in?

We hold integrity in highest regard and embrace accountable and transparent principles and practices while promoting the power of collective community impact.

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